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15 May 2014
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Hi everyone,

I have just bought this Kity planer thicknesser, which is the same as the Scheppach Plana 4 for a really good price. He had only used it a couple of times then decided he didn’t have the space for it due to a change in circumstances. It seems a lovely, solid machine and the beds are spot on. The only problem is that the previous owner took the blades out and lost 4 of the blade support springs.

Does anyone know where I could source some as they are really strong. I know that they only support the blade until you nip the blade wedge right so I tried some similar sized springs from Amazon but they didn’t work, too weak.

Any hints, tips or modifications would be really appreciated as I am itching to get it working.

After a measure of one that I found under the lower bed I have found that the little springs in biro pens fits perfect and the blades are now in the cutter block.

Let the calibration begin :D

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