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13 Nov 2018
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Hi all
in my new workshop i will have approx 10m's of floor cupboards, still to be built, which will have a multitude of equipment on top which will be dust extracted and dedicated power supplies. Concept is to have pillar drill, bobbin sander, scroll saw, belt sander, etc located at 500mm intervals approx. The gap between each tool is not a working area as per a bench but a set down area.
Assembly, glue up, chiselling and planning will be on dedicated workbenchs in another area of the workshop.
so if i dont intend to use the tops of the cabinets for assembly etc, could i use kitchen worktop on the cabinets at say 40mm thick laminate worktop
The back of my bench is made from an old length of kitchen worktop that came out of the kitchen in the last house. I've never had any issues with it. Its well supported underneath to stop it sagging.
Nothing wrong with the plan, but dont forget that standard kitchen worktop is a long way from workbench flat.

Take time making sure the machines resting on it are truly vertical in both planes.
And bear this in mind if you are going to use the same stuff for your actual workbench.
Hi Bob, agreed will need to make sure i get the tops level in all directions and the equipment. For the price of 3m's runs of worktop, 38mm laminated it works out more or less the same price as doing MDF or plywood, will be easier for me to fit and can go straight onto the cupboards and screwed from underneath
is the clue in the name of the product? worktop ie top for working on. my garage benches are old worktop as is the shed benches
A worktop is a worktop. No arguments.
But a worktop isnt necessarily a perfectly flat bench for measuring accurate angles in any plane and laying out dimensionally accurate drawings.