issue with my new bandsaw maybe?!?

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12 Dec 2011
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Hi everyone, im new on here so not sure if this is the riht place for this post or not?

Basically i got a new bandsaw today, an axminster bs310, when i first got it out of the box i noticed that the foot of the bandsaw that sits on the cabinet was out of shape, probably about 20mm bent up, i couldnt bend it back so thought when i bolt it on that would pull it striaght.

When i did it up it did so very easiy so not sure where the 20mm went, maybe into the cabinet as thats probably weaker than the foot?

ive set it all up and it cuts straight although the blade did keep wandering for a little while.

my main concern is that the table doesnt look square to the foot of the bandsaw, i.e when you look down at the table you can clearly see that the foot is not parrallel, this is my first bandsaw of this size and was wondering if anyone knows if this is or will be a problem?

i also noticed that when i rotate the wheels in reverse the blade wants to come off the back of the bottom wheel, is this a coplanar issue? or as it runs fine forwards does it not matter?

does any of that make sense?!

any help at all would be great!

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