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12 Sep 2022
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Hi all, im new but not so new when it comes to woodworking, i am a DIY person and have built a few sheds in the past but this time i want to try and build something a little bit better and thjought why not ask people that have done it more than me?

Long story short the last shed i built was made from 2x1 beams with featherboard with a size of 9ft x 7.5ft

I want to build one that is 11.5ft x 6ft this time round that i can use as a workshop also!

Normally i would just go with 2x1 treated wood but have wondered if this is going to be suitable and what the drawbacks are? I have priced up most of it and noticed its almost double if i build it out of 3x2 wood

Considering the main things i want from this shed as follows!

1 - i want to be able to use it as a workshop so will spend some time in there
2 - i want to half insulate it and seal all corners edges etc to keep the uks nastys out (so basically just bugs and spiders XD)
3 - i want this to last a good few years, my old shed is still standing today that was made out of 2x1s!
4 - weatherproof! im going to use a damp course over the entire shed to try and help keep the shed for longer and prevent water from getting in!

With that in mind, whats the pros thoughts on a shed built from 2x1s, 2x2 or 3x2? i can do any of them but im trying to keep the cost down as much as possible due to wanting to insulate etc!

Cheers chaps :D
If you want it to last, be capable of supporting shelving/tool racks, a floor capable of supporting the odd machine and you, and able to be properly insulated, I would go for 3x2 frame as a minimum.

I would also use decent thickness shiplap or T&G - feather board has a tendency to warp and shrink.

With a membrane over the shed I would be concerned about damp and rot. About 10 years ago I bought (not made) a shed with 75x50 frame and 16mm shiplap. Only maintenance has been an occasional coat of preservative + replacement roof felt (the original was too cheap). No leaks.

I know cost may be an issue - you may well find that ready built is little different in cost as they have more buying power for materials.
I would look at the other treads on shed builds here and use this thread to ask questions. to refine your design.

Not sire what you mean half insulate it. Do you mean three season so only can use on warm sunny days in the winter.
Sorry i should have been more clear, when i say i want to half insulate it i mean on the walls ceiling and floor I'm not to bothered about as im not worried about it being comfortable in terms of temp, i have jumpers ;)

I want to be able to work in the shed when i need to so ideally it just needs to keep water out and be safe enough for my tools.

I will be insulating the walls and using battens on the outside to create an air gap, luckily I've "some" knowledge regarding it but I'm trying to get as much more as i can.

The base luckily for me already exists but i know i need to raise it, in my back garden i have a shed that's just terrible (think cheap bought B&Q special)
So it needs replacing! but the patio isn't level and does slope so I've been thinking about breeze blocks as a foundation then 3x2 beams that would bring the floor up a fair bit, the shed is being attach to a brick wall which is a help on material cost! lucky me I've got a brick wall just over 7ft in my back garden :)

Is it work insulating the floor and ceiling? something i may consider if this is the case.

I have thought about 2x2 for the framing just because I've built one before out of 2x1 and that is still standing today and solid.

One other thing is being that i intend on insulating it, how importing is it that i use treated wood for the framework? again old shed i just bought a treatment and applied about 3 coats, no rot so far! that's a 6 year old shed now.

I can save more if i don't have to have fully treated wood for the framework, i do intend on a damp proof sheet over the entire shed but like you mention @Terry - Somerset i want to make sure that i don't have damp and rot seep into the shed and destroy it.

I wouldn't say that money is an issue both me and my partner work so i can spend a little although i have set myself a target of keeping costs down to minimum and don't really want to go past 1k for this shed - alas if i need to i will.

Cheers guys :)
I'd go 12 x 8'

I'd put a large s/h window or patio door on the long side and a door or two s/h fire door on the short side reducing the amount of cladding required.

3x2 studs and joists. (4x2" if pent roof)

Blocks ever 4ft on base (12) - cut 6 in half.
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