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26 Jun 2019
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Are these things all part of a metal scrolling set? The handled one seems to be a punch. Not sure if the bracket goes with it. Would it be worth trying to find a new home for it?


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Yes they are for metal scrolling. I think I recognise them as something that used to be sold from the adverts in the Sunday papers, at the 'Ideal Home Exhibition' and suchlike back in the 60's and 70's.
Definately worth selling on, although I wouldn't expect them to make much .
Many thanks. Do you think they are all part of the same kit? I wasn’t sure that the bracket belonged? Dare I write “as seen in ideal home exhibition”?
I wonder if it is an earlier version of this? -

I would say they all belong together, no idea about the 'bracket' but the buyer can always ditch it if it doesn't belong.

Cannot say for certain if it is the same one as used to be sold at the exhibition so best not to rely on an old man's memory.
we are not allowed to post refences to e**y on here - they dissappear if you do, but go on and search for -

Looks like your punch to me, and the price comes a surprise, I take back my remark about not expecting to make much!
These look like early Metalcraft tools. Current ones are damned expensive - tke a look as suggested on various online auction sites. So if you don't want them, I am sure they will fetch a worthwhile figure if sold on.

I had those a dozen years ago, gave them up when I moved to Cyprus because the soft mild steel needed for scroll iron work is not available here.
go to metalcraft tools on facebook for the suppliers
bracket is part of the set too, it's for holding them in a vice.

there should be a long arm somewhere with a cup that sits over the middle pin to pull the scroll round with.

the other item looks like a shear for bar stock.

be good for someone in a hobby type environment.
The 'shears' may also act as a punch so you can rivet it all together.
There was a similar but smaller tool set made by 'Juniero', so you could produce your own Meccano.
Thank everyone. I have found them. They are Metalcraft products, the scrollers are their mark 1 and mark 2, early versions of current products. They seem to have been used by hand. I will look up the punch and give it a try on some metal next I am at dads.

Couldn’t have done this without you x
I did the search for the metalcraft cropper, punch!?!? Gee! Who would have thought.

This is an example of why I joined ukworkshop, having no idea what some things are could end up with scraping useful things. Or being taken advantage of in the market place. I am happy to give things away but would like to know what it is am giving.

Many, many thanks are due. Linda
I put the scrollers and punch/cutter up on gumtree and someone is coming to see them tomorrow!

Thank you everyone, hopefully another thing rehomed and saved from landfill!