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20 May 2023
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Hi all
New to all this as I've recently purchased a Startrite bandsaw from Ebay.
I've been a Carpenter all my life - 32 years on the tools and last 11 years in site management to follow in my father's footsteps so to speak.
In process of building a workshop in my garden so I can start creating - not quite sure yet what I'm going to create, probably garden items - bird tables, garden furniture, planters etc, who knows !
I'm just going to get on board and see where it takes me :)
It will be nice to swing a hammer again as very much missed it all and it's a different world on construction sites now since the Covid situation I'm afraid.
Anyway, I'll attach some pictures of said bandsaw and any help with any information on this saw would be very much appreciated, I've been trying to find a manual for it but no luck so far.
I think it's a Startrite SP147 and from reading online it may be from 1950's or possibly 40's, so it's ancient really.
I'd like to change the gearbox oil for peace of mind but could use some advice if anyone knows anything about these machines.
I look forward to many conversations with you all !!


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Thanks for your welcome from you both.
Yes, it's old - I assumed it was about 30 but never dreamt it was 70 plus.
It seems to work ok although I need new blades which I've ordered from Tuffsaws, Ian is a very helpful chap and my nieve questions to him were answered with upmost courtesy and expertise.
The saw does have a bit of a light rumble/whirring noise hence my desire to change the gearbox oil and generally have a bit of a fettle and clean up.
Thanks guys
My grandad was selling them at that time, don’t suppose it has a “wood brothers of Leeds” sticker on it? That was his business.
Hi Michael
What a coincidence but I'm afraid it hasn't got a sticker from your Grandfather's shop.
I've looked at all those downloads on that site and also emailed them asking about my specific model but they haven't got back to me yet (2wks), I called to check if they received my email to be told they will email me when they've read it.
They must be extremely busy !