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26 Dec 2020
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Rugby Uk
Advice requested. I need to make a bath panel. First a good moan because it's what I do best. The reason I need to make a panel is that I have installed the bath higher than normal, because a builder installed the waste pipe in the slightly unusual way to run up hill, he cut the hole through the wall about 50mm too high then secured the pipe with expanding foam normally used to hold in windows, it's hard as rock and not wanting to make a greater mess of the wall I have raised the bath instead. Standard panels do not fit.

What would you use to make the panel and how would you finish it. It is not in my own home so I cannot keep an eye on it, it needs to work first time and stay in good condition for as long as possible, I can't rely on tenants letting me know if there is a problem until it's utterly past all repair.

On a skill level from Z to A (Zero to Adam) I am much nearer the Z than I would like to be.
2x2 studwork frame. Clad with any suitable panelling. If its for a more carelessly maintained place then some sort of pvc sheet, bathroom cladding, panelling etc. Nice permanent job would be cement tile board plus tile (though with no easy plumbing access).
If you want it to last I'd look for some kind of sheet plastic product. You know it won't rot even if tenants drip water all over it. Something along these lines perhaps 2.5mm Budget Hygienic Wall Cladding Sheet – Slight seconds – OFF WHITE – Cladding Monkey although that isn't that thick so would need some bracing across the back or a frame around the bath.

For my bath panel I also needed it to be custom fit so I used the excess laminate flooring I had and ran it up the sides (glued to a 4mm sheet of ply with 2 battens for strength) in the same orientation as the floor so it looks continous. The only problem with this is you have to be careful with the cut ends on the floor absorbing water. I haven't had too much of an issue as I've been careful and it's been fine for 6 years or so. If you siliconed across the bottom it would be fine but I like to be able to get the panel out easily. In a tenancy it prob wouldn't matter. You could use waterproof vinyl flooring or lino though which might be better.
Thanks folks, I think I will give the aqua panel a try, the 10mm sounds like what I need, and they allow returns if I don't like the look when I see it. I have tried the 2.5 before but people make holes in it surprisingly easily even when it's glued to ply and having seen how easily it happens I don't feel OK about charging for the damage.

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