How to achieve this finish? Antique/aged oak?

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29 Apr 2018
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Looking for some suggestions on how to achieve this type of finish.

I’m making a set of bedside tables in a mix of solid white oak and veneered oak mdf.

Wondering if anyone has any tips to achieve this type of finish? I was think maybe a base of osmo poly x tints, and then maybe a wax if some kind over?

The grain is quite raised on this too, which I like.


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Firstly you need to apply as thin a finish as possible so as not to fill the grain. I've used white french polish in the past, which is not white but adds a nice warm tone to the oak.
Over the top you apply liming wax, leave for 10 minutes or so and buff with a soft cloth. The white sticks in the open grain. Just type liming wax into your search bar and it will all make sense..

I think the osmo would fill the grain to much, but no harm in doing a test run, you might be in luck.

I would guess a thin dark or mid oak stain either water or oil based then a liming wax rubbed on and buffed off then a wax or oil finish. It will take a bit of experimentation to get it how you want.
That’s super, thanks for the replies. Hadn’t heard of liming wax, learn something new each day. I’ll pick some up.

I still have a small amount of poly x terra, so can run a test with that. Guess it’ll be a case of seeing how much I need to raise the grain. I don’t want it to look overly ‘limed’, so guess it’ll be a bit if trial and error.