Finish for oak veneered mdf kitchen cabinets

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13 May 2019
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Keen to get a consensus of opinion on the best finish to use for oak veneered mdf kitchen cabinets.

I am considering either an oil based finish such as osmo poly x, or perhaps a satin varnish perhaps something like a parquet floor finish.

The only concern I have is durability against water if items get put away without being dried.

Really appreciative of any guidance.

Thanks in advance!
Evening all! Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions?

Thanks in advance
Hi. I tend to use 3 coats of hard wax oil when I use oak veneered MDF or ply, for the fact that if can be spot repaired and new coats are easy to apply down the line. But I know allot of others would use a water based lacquer for its better upfront durability. The main thing I try to do is make horizontal surfaces easy to replace eg. The bottom of a standard shelf unit will have a loose shelf that can be replaced so the bottom of the unit isn't getting the wear.
A thinned satin polyurethane varnish, nice and thin coats - you can always add more coats, too thick and it will look awful!!
Thanks for your suggestions, think i will try a couple of different finishes and see what i like the look of

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