Hot Dipped vs Zinc Coated Galvanised Nails - which for roofing?

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That's interesting and contrary to everything I've read... The usual spin on things is that the movement of the slates wheres off the galvanisation and creates a weak point on the nail, which corrodes and leads to slipped slates etc. But not in your experience?
Not with good quality hot dipped Krome. BZP deffinitely. The wisdom I was always told by old non-yachty boatbuilders is that the galv acts to wear with the steel/iron. Certaily the good old Galv nails lasted better than copper on a heavy exposed roof....can only say what my relatively limited experience is.
If steel nails' expansion cracks the tiles, surely copper ones would as well? It expands more than steel. Or is it the rust that causes it?
I was referring to the expansion of the nail due to oxidation aka rust. Expansion due to heat would be negligible in comparison and not a concern in this situation.