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11 Aug 2022
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Hi all

I hope this is in the correct section, perhaps a mod could move it if it is.

I am making a couple of turning tools out of High Speed Steel. Mainly negative rake scrapers.

The question is do I have to harden an temper them once they are ground or is HSS hard enough to use as supplied.

I know tool steel needs heat treatment but unsure if HSS is the same as tool steel or if its hard enough as supplied.

Thanks for any help with this.

just use as is.......
I sometimes grind HSS to cut steel on my lathe....thats off the grinder and back in the lathe.....the odd time a little fine stone to polish the edge ...
also think about a couple of carbide tipped tools.....people love and hate em.....
Thanks for all the replies, nice to know I can use them without the faff of heat treating.

Now to find out just how good HSS bought from China on eBay actually is ;)
Used a few pieces off flea Bay, all good. It's quality of your grind that's more important.
A fine grit wheel for finish grind, leaves a smoother edge and longer life.
The eBay and Amazon HSS I’ve bought has been fine for home made tools. If you fancy venturing into carbide, inserts are very reasonably priced on those places as well. 😉