Hi, all. New one here


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15 Oct 2023
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Hi, all.

I wanted to say Hi. New fella here.

I'm a late 30-something chap who started learning cabinetry at 33, with a lot of support from my good lady I went to college to get a diploma in Furniture Make and Design. That was fun, but very odd being 33 surrounded by 19yos. Alas, Lockdown closed the school so I never finished.

I decided I wanted to go further so I joined a Degree course in Furniture. That was even more intimidating, being surrounded by 22yos who already have 45 years of experience. Lockdown 2 killed that one too, and I left in the second year for.... many reasons.

If you add all the "bench time" up, I've probably only got a few months behind me, so I'm a novice.

My Good Lady and I started our own craft business, so I've picked up the plane again and now I'm back at the bench and I'm slowly teaching myself everything again. I forgot how much I enjoy it, if not really frustrating when I can't figure something out, but I'm learning and improving slowly.

I wanted to say thanks for having me, and I look forward to all the knowledge and learning.
Hi and welcome. There are some very helpful and knowledgable folks on here (don't include me in that though!) :)