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28 Aug 2016
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Anyone use Hodgsons Heritage putty?

I am glazing a sash window with thin heritage style double glazed units and the manufacturer recommended using Hodgsons heritage putty. I had heard this stuff was tricky to deal with well that's an understatement!
I am proficient with traditional putty but this stuff is awful. I'm trying to put the right size fillet on straight from the gun but it still needs tooling. Is it best to just hit it once and not touch it again or leave it a few minutes to slightly set then rework it? Will I be able to lightly sand it tomorrow?
What I have done won't look too bad once I have scraped the excess off the glass with a stanley blade tomorrow but I'm not totally happy with it to be honest.

Any tricks I should know?

Thanks, Doug
I've used Timbaglaze which I think is essentially the same thing (It's just some kind of re-branded acrylic-based sealer I believe), I've found you need to work it very quickly, don't get greedy and only work one pane at a time if you've got multiple panes on the sash. It's extraordinarily difficult to clean up tidily after it's dried, It's best to try and get a good surface straight from the nozzle but you'll still need to tidy it up with a knife.

You can bed the units with a Low Modulus, Neutral Cure Silicone like the Silfix U9 and fill around the unit, leave it to go off and then use traditional linseed putty. And as far as I'm aware, you can just putty glaze them.