Help - what dust extractor to get?

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24 May 2004
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I recently bought a ROS. V.good tool but dust bag is utterly useless. I think I should get a vacuum suitable for it - preferably with an powertool switch function. At risk of sounding lazy (although I have looked a little bit into it), what can anyone recommend as a good buy? I can't reply to this post till Monday but thank all in advance for responses and I'll be back.



Trend T30 AF. If you do a wee search, there's been alot of threads on this. Others have mentioned B + Q models and there was a few other options too.


The Festool CT mini is good, but expensive. Dewally do one too, but with small capacity & also expensive. Draper do one that looks ok, decent capacity (20L or so) at around 100 quid mark. B&Q do a decent Bosch one, although I think APTC stock the same at a lower price.

Isaac Lord has the Festool one at a lower price than APTC - that's where I got mine, and am well pleased with it.
I have B&Q one mentioned above. Works great and cost £35.

Loads of expandable attachments so that it fits most tools


No idea what it's like but if you're looking at the budget end Wickes have one on special offer, I noticed the other day. Their tools generally look like being one step up from B&Q's own brands to me, and its about the same price or less. I didn't take any notice of it, just saw the reduction sign - somewhere around the £25-35 mark.

I have just purchased the Trend 30AF and I don't understand what the paper bag is for. At the moment I have it running with the 0.3 micron cartridge and the nylon bag. I presume the paper bag is for using, if you don't have the nylon bag...I think!
Thanks guys for the responses.

I looked at the B&Q model but it only switches up to 1200W - not enough for my router. The Trend looks a very good bet so far. I also like the spec for the Bosch with electromagnetic filter shaker (nearly identical with Metabo model but £200 instead of £300!).

Another question. What size in microns does a vacuum need to filter to be safe for toxic dusts e.g. MDF/Oak etc? Is 0.5 microns good enough? If I'm going to get a vacuum, I might as well get one with a good spec (and it's going to be quiet!).



Do not be mslead by the spc on the B&Q website - it is not correct.

My vacuum has a label on the plug outlet which states that the max. load is 2400W

Clearly I do not know which is correct but I have had no problems running my 2KW router (in the table) from it


Tony is right.
I have been using one of the B&Q models and it will switch 2400 watts without any problems - just like it says on the label and in the instruction sheet that comes with it. My router will give it a good work out everytime and there have been no signs of trouble at all and that is rated right on 2400 watts. Sucks up dust very well, too!
As for the filter question, I reckon 0.5 microns should be good enough. That is what the filter manufacturers recommend unless you want to try for something out of the ordinary. You have to remember that the finer the filter the faster it will block up. When that happens you will have no filtration at all, and very little extraction.
It is a case for compromise, really. There will always be some dust in the air despite our best efforts. However, there is always something nasty in the air, anyway, unless you live on the top of a very high mountain! Pass the oxygen!
Come to think of it, the only safe way to do any job that involves cutting something is to wear breathing apparatus. I've done that often enough to know that it works but it's not practical for woodworking!

yup i bought the b&q vac on a special offer dy for a cheapo bit o kit tiz crackin had no probs running my router thru it (1850 watts makita). Its worth it just for all the little widgets for power toll attachment :lol: it collects well even when doing worktops . AT the end of the day it even does a nice job on me overalls too 8)
thanks guys,

I'll slink off to B&Q and check this one out.

cheers Ike
Err..what are you people talking about? One person referred to a Bosch vac from B&Q for £35. Then everyone referred to 'the B&Q one for £35' - which appeared to be a £35 'Performance' one in the link. I ordered that from the web site (for use with DW625EK) and in addition to saying 1200W on the box, the instructions say: "never use power tools rated at more than 1200W in the power take-off socket"; it also says Max 1200W on power take-off socket cover. I think that's pretty clear.

Anyway, it's cheap and I can't be bothered to send it back.


Mine (Performance) most definitely states 2400W take-off on the lid of the socket and I have used it at 2000W

Possibly uprated?
This one's an FMTC25WVPT btw. Makes hell of a noise! It's louder than the router. LOL


About half as loud as my wife's Dyson vacuum cleaner


Wanna swap?.. Vacs, not wives. :)

Seriously though, anyone wanting one would be better off going to the shop to look for a '35'.

Tony, Dewy et al,

I bought the B&Q extractor. It's just perfect for what I wanted - compact, not too noisy, and a really useful set of fittings, super long mains lead and a respectable 3m hose. I've enjoyed a dust-free weekend sanding and biscuit jointing. I must admit I had my doubts about buying a cheapy, but thanks again for the advice.

BTW, the issue over the power rating. The store had 2 on the shelf. One box clearly marked 1200W rated and the other 2400W rated. On closer inspection of the box blurb, they ARE slightly different models. The differences I found are:

Pt No. FMTC35WVPT 2400W inc 3 rubber adaptors
Pt No. FMTC25WVPT 1200W inc. 1 rubber Adaptor

So I think this product has been upgraded, and is deserving of an honourable mention. :D