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1 Feb 2023
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Hello all,

My name is Tom and I'd consider myself as a confident DIY'er that would love to learn more. I've been around wood working ever since I was little and spent a lot of time in my dads workshop, the smell of timber is like fresh grass smell to me. I'm no longer in contact with my dad so I can't rely on him for advice unfortunatley.

I've always been hands on and especially when something needs to be fixed or repaired. My wife and I moved to North Hertfordshire in November 2020 (just before the last lock down) and we have been working on our house ever since. This has forced me to learn new skills and wood work/carpentry is one of them! So far I've fitted skirting (yes, I scribed them :) ), architraves, window boards and put up stud walls. My future projects will be to hang all of our internal doors, renovate our stairs, build under stair storage draws, decking and an extendable dining room table and bench.

My most recent project was building our alcove cabinets in the living room - which I've only just finished. With each new project I take on I learn so much. Yes it stressful at times but the internet has plenty of information and when you can't find what you're looking for there are plenty (hopefully here!) to share their knowledge and advice.

You'll most likely see me asking for advice but I hope I can lend a hand too.

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Welcome Tom , that’s quite a list you have there , what are you planning for next week lol 😂 anyway there will be plenty of advice here so you just have to ask . Be prepared for multiple solutions to your problem and just go with what seems right for your skill set.. 🤗🤗