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20 Feb 2023
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Hello All,

I'm a professional woodworker of 17 years now, working for companies making wooden gates, bespoke, residential furniture as well commercial furniture.

Covid, looking after children and my wife's job have combined to give me an opportunity to strike out on my own, so I am now a self-employed furniture maker. While I'm confident that I can make furniture, working for a company usually means the other aspects of running a woodworking business were done by others, so I feel I am lacking in certain areas. Many of them I have dabbled in, but would still say I'm lacking, such as finishing. Others, I've never had to do, such as timber and stock ordering. I am, however, very well-versed in making tea and coffee!

So, I am here to hopefully get some help filling in the gaps in my knowledge, so I thank you all in advance!
Welcome from Toot Hill. (Between Epping and Ongar).
Hello! You're about 45 minutes away, I'm the other side of Chelmsford in Braintree.

Had a look at your website, you use some nice looking timber, may I ask who you use as a supplier?

Although you can only see the exterior, I'm already jealous of your workshop!
Cheers sams93, I have been using Brooks Bros for my sheet material. Did find at times hitting their minimum for free delivery difficult though.

If I had the storage space to keep materials for future jobs, they would be quite perfect as they sell nearly everything making hitting that threshold easier!