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20 Jun 2023
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My name is Damon, and I'm a novice woodworker passionate about transforming pieces of wood into functional objects that sometimes look good.

My journey started as a simple hobby, building small furniture pieces in my spare time. You could often find me working on anything from beds to shelves and desks — something magical about taking raw material and moulding it into something unique.

Unfortunately, as life unfolded, I found myself in a position where I had to sell all my woodworking tools. It was a tough time, but like a boomerang, I've come full circle back to my first love, woodworking. During the first lockdown, with the gift of time and the pressing need for home improvements, I found my way back to the shop.

What started as a necessity quickly became an enthusiasm for crafting and creation. My projects grew in size and complexity, from furniture pieces to small structures and even a kitchen renovation. The satisfaction of seeing your kitchen stripped to the foundation and rebuilt is hard to describe.

I am here on this forum to learn from all the seasoned professionals and fellow hobbyists and share my journey. We all have valuable experiences and wisdom to share, regardless of our level of expertise.

I'm originally from the States, a 'Yank' as some may say, and I've mostly assimilated into the woodworking vernacular this side of the pond. However, now and then, I might use the wrong terms, spell things the wrong way and am all over the shop with my units of measure – a remnant of my roots. Bear with me, and please feel free to correct me anytime. Learning is why I'm here!

Here's to a future full of sawdust, varnish, and the satisfaction of a well-done job. I look forward to engaging in many fruitful discussions, sharing insights, and learning from all of you.


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