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For Sale Heavy duty workbench with vices, bench dogs and hold down


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25 Sep 2008
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closed down my work shop due to ill health after £150 for the bench (collection only due to size and weight from dy138nb)

I build this bench for my work shop as i could fine what i needed on the open market to meet my needs

The bench is fitted with

8” quick release vice,

Full bench width hardwood jaws wooden vice with metal Tail Vice Screw

Record Carpenter’s Bench Holdfast No. 146

The bench has been designed for use with bench dogs (4 plastic one supplied)

The bench has a side cupboard and 2 very large fully extending draws underneath

End tool tray

The bench has an inset removable 6mm top that can be changed if and when it gets damaged (currently in pretty good order)

The vices, hold downs and hardware alone costs over £150.00

s-l1600 (1).jpg
s-l1600 (4).jpg