HC-260 Uneven planing


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9 Jan 2021
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Hi all,

I have an Electra Beckum HC260 which I inherited some 30+ years ago.

Having progressed from making sawdust and shavings I decided to join two boards together. Easy Peasy. Just plane the edges square, glue, clamp done.

So here’s the problem. Having planed the thin edge, I placed on a flat surface, the planer table. Only to find that the work piece rocks end to end. Tried again. Same. Other edge, same. Checked the planer table with a flat edge and seems ok.

I have checked and re-checked the blades. Followed the setup. Checked at 4 places across the bed and all seems spot on.

I’ve run the piece through the thicknesses and is perfectly flat. So no idea why I can’t get that on the planer.

Any advice, ideas etc all gratefully received.
I have this problem sometimes, and for me it's that I am chasing/keep planing the bow in the wood and not planing it flat. I have started to pass the first inch or so over the blades then gently drop the work onto the blades, then stop and inch from the rear end. I do this a couple of times which takes out that bow. I then run the whole piece through as normal. This seems to work for me.

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