Hard working infill planes


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mouldy plane

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25 Feb 2012
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market harborough
Hard working infill planes.

We all love an infill plane, but I often wonder how many of us use them on a daily basis in our professional workplace? A lot end up in collections, and I don’t personally have a problem with that, but I do wonder how many actually earn a living in today’s working environment

My three main “users” at the bench are a 13 ½” Buck panel plane (probably an early Spiers), my 15 ½” Norris panel plane, and my Ollie sparks “slipper”, block plane. The Norris is reserved for very fine finishing tasks, while the other two get used all the time for general hand plane duties. I often worry that as they are hard worked tools, they do on occasion pick up a few dinks, and scratches now and then, but I have learnt to accept this as part of their historical working lives. How many other folks out there use an infill on a regular basis?


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I'd like one but collectors have driven price so high so unless you drop on one at carboot it's not going to happen
Not professionally but I mainly use infills they are my regular use planes. I have a panel plane which I just love for flattening boards, three smoothers (two Spiers pattern and a Norris) and a little chariot plane which is great for breaking an edge on a board. I have three infill shoulder planes as well but they get less use. I have a Spiers pattern jointer in bits which I’ll need to get in use at some point.

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