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29 Jan 2023
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Currently working on some end grain spalted beech cookie slabs ….thinking of using the Oli Natura hard wax oil as a finish. Has anyone on here any experience with it ?
Yes, I've used it. Was very happy with the result. Unfortunately I left it in the garage this winter and now it's solid.

I'll buy again if that instills confidence?
Thanks Nick

I once ‘lost’ a 2.5 litre can of Danish Oil in the same way ….so I ‘over winter’ any oils under the sink in our utility room now.
Same here, but the linseed oil was fine. Maybe its just the blended ones that suffer. November routine: fleece on tender plants, a few pots brought in from the garden, danish oil over-wintered in the house.

I've not used hard wax oil but often thought about it, interested in the outcome if you can report back. Thanks.
I've linseed that I bought decades ago. It was old when I bought it. It's still fine, even the BLO.
I have Tru Oil which is supposedly notorious for going off that's more than ten years old that's fine - I used some a couple of days ago. A very small hole in the foil and the top replaced quickly helps.
Try hard wax oil - it's so easy to use. If you visit a professional decorator's supplier you can buy test sachets.
If you want a decent and cheaper option, I use non scented mineral oil for end grain boards, make a bath for them and soak them overnight, keeping them wet, submerged if possible.
They take a few days afterwards to dry out and they will continue to seep a bit, but its only mineral oil, its non toxic - I used to buy medical grade stuff from the pharmacy which is food safe.
My Oil Natura arrived today …..did a seal coat of epoxy on the cookie slab last weekend - if I can get good weather tomorrow or Sat I’ll sand it back and do a coat with the hard wax oil. Watch this space and my other thread too
its A big 👍 fir the Oli Natura. Applied it onto my cookie cut beech slab this afternoon using a snazzy Clarke applicator



dries quite quick leaving a nice sheen finish


more details in my cookie slab coffee table thread

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