Gplan (oak) Table refurb question

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I fear even diluting the varnish will not slow it's drying so that you can give the finish the care you want to use.
Many modern varnishes have an excess of 'driers' in their mix. It's to cater for the hobby user who sometimes expects results in one coat.
Buy a vanish from one of the more traditional finishing suppliers online, and you should be able to manipulate the finish to suit.
I will do that, it seems a waste of time getting to this stage then spoil the effort.
It seems that most paints are the same - in this case I suppose they are to allow a decorator to finish a job fast, perhaps younger people don't know what a good paint finish looks like, or perhaps it's my OCD.
Table looks ok now.

flatted back
Waxed (Colron finishing wax) / buffed

However, witness marks appear when for example a table mat is slid across it. Marks buff out easily enough but surely there should be no marks left in the first place.

It's as though the wax never fully hardens.

Maybe I should white spirit/turps the was off and apply an additional varnish instead?

Most wax is quite soft, even when fully hardened. Though a thin coat on my tables doesn't show scuff marks. Maybe you need quite a bit more buffing?

If that fails, remove wax and varnish I guess.