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21 Oct 2020
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Bridgwater, Somerset
Hello all,

I am new to the forum, only signed up today.

To give a bit of background I am 27 and live in Bridgwater, Somerset and I have been woodworking for around 5 years on small projects such as hardwood mirrors, bird boxes, jewellery boxes. I enjoy using hand tools over power tools and as such I have an ever increasing collection of tools. I moved out of my parents 3 years ago and now have a single garage which is solely used as a workshop so I am going to be starting to invest in power tools soon. First being a planer/thicknesser and chip collector and then a bandsaw so that I can reduce the cost of buying timber by buying sawn boards and then resawing them myself. Anyway......

I am making an L shape garden sofa and I have found an existing product online that I want to replicate (Lodge - Garden Sofa Set). I really like this design and also the grey washed out finish. I have proceeded to getting the cushions made and I have these now so I can size the frame around them. The cushions are 1800mm long x 675mm deep and then there is another cushion that is 1125mm long so the bit the cushion sits on needs to be 1800mm both ways.

I wanted to ask for some opinions on what people think is the most suitable wood to manufacture this sofa from. A couple of factors to bear in mind, I do not have machining facilities yet so making it out of bought PAR oak is going to be the same cost as buying a planer/thicknesser. Originally I was thinking of using some treated timber from a local timber merchant (Timber | Brookridge Timber Somerset Timber Trader and Importers) who sell very good quality timber however as things have moved on now fancy a hardwood. Originally I was going to build a functional design using mechanical fixings as I wanted to make it fairly quickly for use this summer but now I am looking to next summer and have all winter to build this thing and as such more fancy joinery is going to be featured. The design above is made from Red Grandis (Eucalyptus) but I cannot find any suppliers of up to 75mm x 75mm stock local to me anywhere.

Enough rambling now and I look forward to receiving some suggestions.