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25 Oct 2018
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Hi everyone

I am making a garden planter and am wondering what to do regarding staining and protecting.
Searching the web there are endless products and suggestions yet there seems to be no straight forward answer.
The planter will be in pine (tanalized offcuts I was given to plane down) and stained/dyed to look old while still showing the grain.

So my 3 questions:
1. What to use to condition the wood to prevent blotching?

2. I have powdered stains I want to use. What to mix them with?

3. What to use to protect the wood?

Hopefully this is an easy one.. Many thanks in advance.
Not an easy one at all unfortunately, which may go some way towards explaining the 48 views so far with no replies.

Without going into lots of detail I'm not sure if your current plan is viable. I'm thinking a commercial fence-life product in grey may be your best bet here since they don't require pre-treating the wood and don't require anything put on top to then protect the stain. These do tend to obscure grain but you can still tell it's wood underneath.
An outdoor oil/solvent based stuff is what I would go for, like Barrettine wood preserver with stain or some kind of cheap decking oil, like screwfix own brand. This is assuming the planters are not for veggies. Not sure about blotching and mixing own stains though.
Thanks for the response guys.

I forgot to mention that the planter will house a plastic trough so will not be in contact with moisture and the wood can breathe. Hopefully this makes the finish options more viable..
I wasn't even thinking about the soil contact, the wood being tanalised should handle that well enough. You powdered stains are an unknown quantity, by itself that makes this tricky.