Fuji HVLP systems - Who has what ?


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5 Oct 2014
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Sunny Glasgow
I'm thinking of buying one, probably the mini-mite 3 platinum, but maybe the higher system as it includes a better gun. If i get the basic, I'll probably be using a simple nozzle and pressure pot. I'll decide on what after a bit of thought about needs etc
It's been a while since I've done any spray finishing, so I know whats what, just out of practice is all, so it's not that type of information im after, and you be as technical as you want.
I've got a Q5. Not used it hugely on woodwork, I did spray some cabinets with it but mainly been using on car panels lately. Quite happy with it.
The Q5 is well above the semi pro 2 by about a thousand pounds, so i cant really tell from that how it would perform in the real world.
Theres a number of vids on you tube, probably this is a better comparison, and while I had initially discluded the Apollo 1500, from this review and in light of the poorer air filtering on the Fuji , it's now very much in the running. And it is about 150 pounds cheaper than the Fuji.

Its a little bit of an unknown for me. I've come across plenty of vids and recommendations for the Fuji, and heard a few negs about the Apollo, but TBH i dont think many of those reviewers have actually used one or taken into account how similar the two systems are. The air filter is certainly better on the Apollo.
Like it if someone had an Apollo and could review it.