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FTAGH - Bench Tail Vice Screw - NOW SOLD


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24 May 2014
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FREE Bench Tail Vice Screw - NOW SOLD


With all the talk about workbenches recently, I've been prompted me into action. Last year I removed the tail vice from my workbench to make more space in my small workshop. Since then, the tail vice screw has been sitting around and periodically gets in the way and moved to a different location until I need that space etc and so on. I'm not going to use it and would love to see it used rather than gathering dust/rust.

PM me if you're interested. My preference is that it is collected from South Nottingham but I'd consider posting it in return for P&P costs if no local takers (but It's weighty and I have no idea how much that would cost).

Thanks, trevor
Hi Trevor can I be 1st reserve if it falls through
Fatboy Glenn
Thanks for your replies bp122 and FatmanG. Unless anyone can pick it up I'll find out postage costs and get back to you next week.

Thanks, Trevor
The Tail Vice has found a new home and is no longer available. Thanks for the interest.

Cheers, Trevor