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For Sale fs: dewalt dw125 / 1251 radial arm saw - £145


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10 Nov 2017
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Dewalt DW125 / 1251 radial arm saw.

I've owned this DW125 saw for about a decade, and its done me well, but the workshop has got to the point now where there are larger machines that cover its functions, so i just dont use it so much any more.

For someone starting out, as i was, they pack so much into a single unit, its magnificent. I mean whole books exist on using radial arm saws!

This one is pretty nice, and it wasn't my first dewalt saw (I had one of the generation just before this also). It has the riving knife, so often lost, the kick back fingers, again, so often removed and lost. It works fine and is pretty clean.

Two minor points -

a) The saws originally had a kind of wire thing, that wrapped around the cable, and fitted into the top of the arm, to keep the cable out the way. This one, amazingly, still has the wire thing, but the hole in the plastic is worn, so the wire drops out pretty easily.
b) I think the saws were probably supplied initially with clamp things to hold a sacrificial fence in place. The dewalt supplied (disposable) work surface is long gone, and so are any dewalt branded clips. Again, there's whole books on setting up these and making custom worktop / fence arrangements anyway.

This list may not be complete. But in all the years of ownership those are the things I've notice.

Oh, the dust port on the blade guard is an odd oval shape. The bit of hose on mine is some land rover coolant hose if I recall correctly (!) but works well at adapting the oval port to a round hvhp (vac) hose. It's non standard (obviously) but not hiding anything.

I don't intend to supply any blades with this, but the 10" freud blades are not expensive. I can demonstrate it running, but the blades fit my wadkin also, hence wanting to keep them.

We are about 20 mins easy (as in only about 4 turnings between the m25 and our door, and white lines the whole way) drive from J27 of the M5. Pick up only, with cash, and i will help with loading (it's a one man strained lift, 2 men easy). The saw is for bench mounting.

I'll upload a photo in a bit. It's not polished and shiny or anything like that, but it's a nice functioning saw.

Price and terms -

£145, which is a good price, but...

This is in the middle of my kitchen floor right now, as I'd lent it to a friend for a project of theirs and it's just returned. The price is valid for collection over the weekend, which, I admit, is probably unrealistic, and then, once I've gone to the bother of moving the unit, I'll not be in such a rush and probably just eBay it, where, even with their 12% I think I'll do somewhat better.

Thank you.
I'm pretty interested, would need to see some pictures first. Any chance you can give a near by post code so that I can see how feasible pickup would be for me?
ex168aa is the post code.

ill take some snaps later in the day.

southend is a fair way from here, i guess youre passing anyway? (i was born in chelmsford, essex)