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The Wizard

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2 Nov 2002
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Chesterfield, England
Does anyone on the forum own the cast iron Fox table saw available from Rutlands? I have searched the forum but can't find any review and it strikes me that you get a lot of saw for your money. My budget won't stretch to an Xcalibur, Sheppach or Jet so I would like to know if other members think this is a viable alternative.


There isn't a review based on my quick search - did you try just putting "FOX" as the search term -it comes up with loads of non relevant stuff i.e. fox morticers etc, but it does make sure you don't miss any relevant threads.

Hi Wiz,
this machine is the same as the Record TSPP250, there are one or two reviews on here about them.( I had the Record version with sliding carriage.

There were a few things that I didn't like about it. It has the potential to be a good saw if your prepared to fettle it. It took me ages to get it setup properly. Mainly the pull saw action and sliding carriage. I found the fence excellent though and enough power in the motor for what I need at the time.

The Record came with an extra cast iron table extension, main table + 2 extensions. And if my memory serves me correct the Fox comes with only one cast iron extension.

Hope this helps

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