Finishing shed cladding - Gap or no gap at base for cedar cladding

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10 Jul 2023
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My floor is laid on brick so I have approx 70mm gap. How far should the cladding go down?

To the concrete base with approx 10-20mm gap but then the bottom of cedar will be quite damp from rain drops etc

Leave the full 70 mm gap, less chance of cedar getting wet, also more chance of rodents but we do have many neighbour cats in our garden so generally we don't have problems and I reckon the cats could get under the flooring if they spotted some
Cedar cladding is unlikely to keep rodents out, in my opinion. I'd leave the 70mm gap, that is, after all, one of the reasons for the bricks, isn't it? To keep the cladding out of the damp.
Good practice is to keep timber elements 150mm above the ground level in order to avoid splashing and therefore premature decay.

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