Festool midi to Dust Commander connectors


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Jeremy Nako

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13 Jul 2020
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I have a Festool midi and - some time ago - purchased a Dust Commander S30.

I'm now trying to hook them up and the connections are doing my head in.

Can anyone recommend exactly what connectors I need to get this going (and ideally a shop to buy them from !).

Dust Commander have a ready made kit, but with delivery at nearly £50 for a couple of bits of plastic and a bit of tubing the total cost comes to £100 !

Any and all help much appreciated !!!
your best approach is to measure the exact diameter of what you are trying to connect. I’ve got a small Henry type vac connected to a dust deputy ( the ready made kit I think you’re referring to) but you still need to adapt it to your own set up. I also have a large twin motor numatic with a dust deputy clone from eBay . I found that domestic waste fittings 32/ 40 mm worked for most of my small tools . The numatic was connected via silicone hoses used in car engines/ air supply systems for cars . A basic knowledge of plumbing pipe sizes can really help. The white fittings are either 32 or 40 mm push fit waste pipe fittings and the red ones are 50 mm 62 mm connections to the numatic are 50mm swimming pool pipe and 62mm clear pipe .. work out what size/sizes you need and go from there . Sometimes you need the internal size and at other times you need the external size ( digital vernier guage is helpful..


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Whilst I'm grateful for the kind response, I've been through the process, ordered fitting for the Festool connections before and wasted my money as nothing has ever fitted as expected.

So I was hoping someone may have the exact same setup and could recommend specific fittings / connectors.

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