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For Sale Esta Bruck/Barke Self Set holders and knives - 260mm long and Knife setting jig


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24 May 2014
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I have a set of three Esta Bruck/Barke self set planer knife holders together with 12 double sided disposable knives. These are 260mm long and are a direct replacement for 260x25mm planer knives. The holders have tangs to hook onto the cutter block to register the correct height whenever knives are changed to save the hassle of having to set knife heights. However the tangs can be filed off if they make the holders sit too high for your planer and the jack screw set can be used to replace springs if your planer has them to permanently set the blade height. There are details on the Advanced Machinery site if this helps: ESTA Knife System (advancedmachinery.co.uk)

I bought them for a Jet JPT260 but never used them due to upgrading to the JPT310.

I am also including a set of knife setting jigs and two sets of three standard HSS knives (260x25x3mm) - one set is used and needs sharpening (Knifepoint brand) and the other is a brand new unused set from Woodford.

£150 for everything either collected from Harrow, Middlesex or can post (I assume around £10 to post).


Photo of the tangs on the self-set holders - these locate on the cutter block to register the height of the holder/knife pairing.

Hi - I did think about this system recently, but would you consider without the magnetic setting jig as I already have one?