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18 Oct 2023
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Does anyone know if you can add some friction to the depth adjustment or lock the depth?
Initially, I just thought the router bit wasn't tight enough..

I didn't get a manual with it and can't find anything online.

The mechanism is self-adjusting because of the vibration from the router motor. You might have to take some close up pictures of the height-adjustment mechanism so we could see where some friction could be introduced.

Just to confirm, would it be true to say that it is always lowering (i.e. not raising) when the machine is switched on? So it is a combination of gravity, vibration and lack of friction that we have to overcome.

For example, is the red scale on the top supposed to be fixed solid to the adjusting bolt? There is some possibility that it is a friction fit, so you can zero the scale but if it is solidly fixed on the shaft, a fibre or paper washer under it might do the job.

Looking at the BangGood picture:

it may be that you need to adjust the backlash to make the whole system tighter.

In this picture:

there is a hole in the block under the table plate. Is there any kind of screw in that hole that bears against the adjusting screw? That screw could be used to regulate the drag on the height adjuster.
Thanks for the picture, it gave me a clue...
All fixed.. but not obvious..

Yes, the vibrations from the router, causes the thread to unwind.. always unwind as it's the weight of the router pulling it down..

I'd moved the red slider back and forward and it didn't change the friction.

The red slider is a locking bar, sliding it back allows you to tighten the brass nut (green arrow)
This has a o ring (Pink line) underneath that squashes the rubber into the thread and applies more friction.

Once tight you can the slide the red bar back across to stop the Nut moving, and finally tighten the cap screws.

PS Does anyone have a manual?


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PS Does anyone have a manual?
If you read through all the asked questions in the BangGood listing, it says more than once that there is no manual. The answers point you to YouTube videos, but they are more on its installation.

Have a look at Rutlands and Wood Worriers Workshop as they have brand name versions of the same item. The OEM brand manufacturers will likely have manuals. Even if they are not identical, anything in the manuals for those will be a good starting point for the one you have.
The router lifts we sell at Wood Workers Workshop are made by JessEm in Canada, very different from these ones made in Asia. I have never seen one of ours change in height but they do have a height lock as a fail safe.

The second half of this video talks about the router lifts.



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