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I think it's a good time to be selling. There have been no boot fairs or local auctions for three months. Several heavy sellers I follow on eBay have nothing listed at present.
Hence a surprising high price for a common, useful tool, not even in a box, which would have been under £30 a year ago.
My thoughts exactly. It is quite a crisp casting, and a bit duller grey, wartime finish? Still though
Not a hand plane (In fact, the opposite almost!) but this is something that sold that amazed me today:


Once upon a time (When they became illegal to use in the 90s) you couldn't give these bloody things away and many were just weighed in for scrap, over the last couple of years I've noticed an uptick in value on eBay and I've been buying them when I think they're a good price and in good condition but never more than £20 a block. Then this single, not very special block fetched £97 plus £5 postage today which is absolutely insane in my opinion, it's not even four days ago that these arrived in the post for far less, including the pot of knives! (The seller of the single block was also selling a similar amount of knives separately, sold for £55!!!)


I wonder if it's people getting spendy with their furlough money :?
Nigel Burden":3pmeq4g8 said:
Silly money.

How many cutters would have come with the plane when it was new?



Although it's occasionally handy to have a small plough, it's really only for narrow grooves and not a comfortable tool to use for long.

I imagine they mostly sold to amateurs who didn't need a 'proper' plough.
Trevanion":1bjjpnsb said:
I wonder if it's people getting spendy with their furlough money :?

if it is they're not very clever, they'll be out of a job soon, great time to be a seller though.
Bidding war? It does happen. People getting lost in the moment.
Mad price.
Yep, the seller got lucky with 2 bidders bidding high. The third highest bidder's highest bid was £32. And the losing bidder made their bid too early.

It does have that nice old tool patina though, and it's the older version with flat thumb screws. Crappy auction with next to nothing in the description. Most likely to have gone an overseas buyer.

I've just sold a few tools on Ebay and got good prices. And I did notice prices were quite high in May.
some really high prices on quality but common tools atm on ebay, Stanley 71s boxed in good nick for >£220 anyone? Record 50c, 44s as well achieving high prices. Great tool this 43 but just too much atm for what is a simple tool and common albeit a great tool.
Haha, I've just sold a Record 071 but I'm not giving away any further details!

Unfortunately for sellers, I don't think the current prices will last.
If they're fetching those prices I should really sell that nearly brand new in the box Record 071 I've got with the original paperwork, all the irons and fence which I paid the princely sum of £20 for a couple of years ago.

I could probably buy most of a decent new electric router with my profit! :lol:
Ultimately, the value is depending on the condition and the amount of stuff supplied with the plane. My 044 was something like 45GBP no shipping, in original box, great condition.Which, as it turned out, was because it wasn't used, the plane iron did not protrude past the skate, so it kept on fouling one side of the groove, fixed it with a file and it is great now. Also bought a Stanley 50 which came with an additional 044 for 30GBP together, but that one is in a much rougher condition, no box, some pitting, somebody buggered up the threads of the iron clamp on the 50 so drilled right through and fitted a regular screw, that sort of thing..... My 043 was about 30GBP, pretty good condition. And I have a 044c which I converted into a kerfing plane (same idea as the Quangsheng 043), which was 25GBP or thereabouts.

You can get lucky on an auction which does not see a lot of action, or get lucky on a newly listed "buy it now" (on eBay), or somewhere reasonable in the middle. Step away when an auction turns silly, a bit of patience goes a long way :)
Gotta say though, I am in NL so we always get another 15-25GBP shipment..... Must be great to just visit a car boot sale in the UK and find a nice plane for 15GBP, metal planes are not so prominent this side of the water, lots of wooden planes.

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