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7 Aug 2003
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IT problem-
I've 30 odd e-mails to download and when the send/receive box indicates message 12 the big wait begins. After renewing the local timeout (stretched to 300 secs) a few times I get server timeout. I presume it's a large file. Is there anything I can do about it? With Virgin (who've had big problems with email recently, but now ok) and using O.E. 6.

Many thanks


timeout is the time between the last received packet and the next until it gives up with out a response. If the message is being received ok no matter how big it shouldnt time out.

Are you familiar with telnet?

you can use it to access your mailbox and kill problem messages.

1. Select Start Run
2. Enter telnet mail.virgin.net 110
3. Wait for the following prompt
+OK InterMail POP3 server ready.
4. Entrer User "UserName"
5. Wait for the following prompt
+OK please send PASS command
6.Enter pass "Password"
7. Wait for the following prompt
+OK "UserName" is welcome here
8. Enter list
9. Wait for the following
+OK 0 messages
Which will be followed by a list of messages and thier sizes
10. Enter Top 12 15
11. You will see the headers and first few lines of your message
13. Enter Dele 12
14. Wait for the following prompt
15. Enter Quit

Fire up your mail client and see what happens, if it still times out
repeat the process until you purge the problematic message.

Good luck

If you have any more probs feel free to pm me.


If you're unsure about using telnet, a better mechanism is usually to login to the webmail interface that most ISPs provide, delete that monster email (if present), then download as usual.

However if it is a big email, it really should not cause a timeout in the email application itself - that should cope with emails of any size.

It sounds like a problem with Virgin (which you mentioned has had problems). When you are downloading and it reaches this 12th message, so you see much network activity on your network icon - if yes, then the download is proceeding - if not then Virgin has a problem.


Many thanks Pitbull, manged to sort it out with Telmet, thanks to Signal.
Wasn't even a big file, just some dopey spam.



yup totally agree with you but
Virgin dont have a webmail site that
Im aware of thats why I plumped for
the telnet soloution.


Amazingly enough, you seem to be correct that Virgin don't offer some sort of webmail - most extraordinary !!!

Also, looking at ispreview.co.uk they are having so many problems that people are leaving in droves.



yup, its a shame because it used to be very good.

Fortunately I dont rely on it for anything other than a
spam catch for newsgroup postings.


Yup, been with Virgin for some years and until the past few months I had no complaints, now pretty rubbish. Their email server was down for FIVE days last week. Main service has ranged from adequate to poor, due to various virus problems and although no Broadband in my area going by their service board it's having major diffs.Seem to recall that they went from hero to zero when the business was sold (NTL?, can't remember).
When I had to email support I'd get a reply within 24 hrs. The last email was sent about 2 weeks ago, haven't heard back. Since I've been using a Virgin mail address for private and business it's difficult to change ISPs.
Rant over.


IT's interesting to hear the Virgin have gone downhill so badly: when I was looking for a new unmetered dial-up ISP to replace SurfAnyTime they were in my final list of 5 to consider but I went for LobsterPot in the end.

I've since gone to Eclipse for broadband though :)

My father has recently given up on NTL in London - although they provided him with cable TV, they kept saying they needed to upgrade their systems and the cable itself to provide all the interactive stuff that he is supposed to be getting but which doesn't work, and on that basis they didn't get his broadband business (went with Demon - despite my advice not to).