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Sold Dust/Chip extractor


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4 Aug 2022
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North West
I’m slowly re-establishing my workshop, in a better space, with more thought to layout, and so I needs fewer extractors.

This is a Clarke Woodworker CDE85 extractor, single phase, 3hp. This runs happily on a 13amp plug. It’s had replacement bags in recent years, though you may wish to fit cartridge filters instead. Not sen in the photos, but included are the filter bags, collection bags, struts, bolts, and clamp bands.

I have 3 extractors from different manufacturers; apart from the colour, it’s very difficult to tell the difference! The paint on all of them leaves a lot to be desired (standard), so though It’s only had amateur use, over the years it’s picked up a bit of rust here and there, but that doesn’t affect performance.

These are located in the North West; if local collection is not possible, I’d be happy to put on a pallet.

£125 ono

I can deliver within 100miles for cost of fuel, or arrange pallet delivery.

I’ll also be selling a Sealey 2hp unit in due course.


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In case anyone is dithering, I use a very similar model (same but different badge), with two Axminster 1um cartidges and a homemade cyclone. It's fabulous.