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For Sale Axminster/ Yorkleen WV2 dust/chip extractor. OFFERS WELCOME


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4 Aug 2022
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North West
Axminster branded Yorkleen WV2 twin motor dust and chip extractor. Excellent for a small space, where a machine demands more than a shop vac.

The WV2 features a triple filtration system (0.5 micron filtration) along with a noise reducing acoustic hood. It’s a large capacity fine dust and chippings extractor with individually switched twin motors.
Inlet Size (Internal Diameter) 110mm
Filters up to 0.5 micron
Motor Single phase 2x1000W

I got this from a college, where it had been bought as a stopgap, whilst some alterations were made to the ducting for the main system; once that was completed, this languished unused, until I was able to buy it.

I had it hooked up to a small thicknesser, for with it did a very good job. But I now have a much bigger P/T and I’m rationalising my extraction around one big 4hp extractor and a shop vac. So the space is more valuable to me than this.

Having been moved around 4 different workshops and been in storage for a while, it’s not cosmetically perfect by any means! But it’s mechanically and electrically sound. Yorkleen still sell this model, and offer excellent customer service and support, so should you need parts, there shouldn’t be a problem.

£125 ono

I can deliver within 100miles for cost of fuel, or arrange pallet delivery.


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I’ll be driving to to the Peterhead tomorrow, so could deliver FOC, between Cheshire and there.
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Yes, I still have it. Right now, it’s in Cheshire .
Ok, thanks. That's a little far from our range (London).

I would be interested in buying it and I did read the part about shipping, do you have any idea how much such shipping would cost?
Is this still available and is it the one currently for sale in the Cheshire area on a well known auction site? I’ve been eyeing that one up.

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