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24 Aug 2015
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tony, this one's for you.

You know the guy who sold me this hammer - he's the guy on route 30 west of Gettysburg, but he also had tons of tools in a huge unattended booth in Hanover.

I don't have a short HF hammer because I guess I found an american made version of the same for probably about 10 bucks at that guys' booth.

17 minutes on the belt grinder and a little filing in the middle of that to get rid of some lumps. lumps on the dump hammer.

Not the identical shape, but it looks like this thing was forge welded together in two parts like some of the old anvils.


maybe a touch up here or there and a new handle? I could make one out of persimmon - that'd be interesting....

This was one of those kind of rough looking hammers with paint on it, maybe it's cast steel forge or electrically welded? and a made in the USA sticker on it and a brand that I'll never know now because I ground it off instead of taking the sticker off. If it's not good enough, I'll be forced to buy a 4140 billet and make one from scratch and harden same.

Must've been using it on deep mortises or something as I had faced it with leather on one end.
Put a $122.00 price tag on it, you have a whole covey of fan-bois. You can beat dovetail joints into submission and never leave a mark. I made my HF look just like it. Wood doesn’t care what I dent it with!

One of the dealers west of GB on Route 30 shut down (pandemic victim). One still remains (the one on the right side of 30 heading west). He has a better grade of tools. I’ve seen the display in Hanover, some nice stuff, but no bargains. The guy that has the booth on 30 is in his mid-80’s and told me earlier this year that he was looking to close up. The guy across the road was where I scored many decent chisels and stones.
Aw...you mean the guy that was in the back right corner of that house died?:(

he's the one who also had stuff in hanover. You're right, there are no bargains here. There used to be a guy front right who sold a baby bite (round chip out of a bedrock) 4 1/2 that otherwise worked fabulously - $35, and a #9 millers falls type 1 for $12 - that was the plane that I settled in to figure out the cap iron on but later sold it. I met warren recently and he said "where's the type 1 millers falls"". Hah....I have stopped churning stuff so much, but most of that is gone.

At any rate, same guy at one point had four #7s at once, three stanleys and an edwin hahn in the booth, and I decided not to be a pig. I changed my mind the next day and figured I'd distribute them at cost to forum members and keep the E. hahn plane for novelty, and they were gone.

My wife is impatient, so I could never manage to get through the right side of the antique blob in fayetville.
can u not go shopping on yer own.....????? hahaha....

I took my wife under protest to the wood exibition at the ALexandra Palace, London 20 odd years ago....
Had to bribe her with a special romantic dinner....lol.....
Once we got inside she loved it....I had trouble getting her away from The DB36 lathes.....
she promised to buy me a new one for my birthday.....
Fast forward 25 years I got a Wadkin RS instead and 3 grand plus better off in her pocket....
things u have to suffer when married.....hahaha....
ahhh...key detail, the antique shop mentioned here is close to my parents - 4 hours from where I live. I generally only go by it with kids and wife in tow.

My wife comes from a family of unintentional minimalists. the matriarchs more or less choose what stays in the house and the patriarchs sit out side and build a separate shed if they don't like it. I pretty much have commandeered about 60% of the basement and garage (the lower floor) of my house. It may sound odd that the garage is in the basement, but the drive is short with retaining walls leading down to it. This is a blessing and a curse - blessing that the mostly underground status moderates temperature a little and curse in that the driveway is steep and can become blooper inducing in the winter. Woodworking in the winter here during some periods in an unheated area would be a no go. From time to time, we may see what you guys would call -20 to -25C overnight. There are much colder places, but that's about where my shop will get to 0C.

Oh, other important thing - heavy grinding of metal would be a no go without an open garage door.

As it is now, a bill pentz be damned method of box fan blowing high volume at low velocity leaves the big metal shavings in place, and the combusted and very fine dust going out the door for the princely dust control cost of $25. It also keeps fine dust from rusting in the eye....which makes you feel like you rode a motorcycle through lemon juice mist for three hours when you wake up the next day. A cheap particle counter agrees - there's more in the air near a frying pan without the hood on than there is in the shop.
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I believe it\s from a firm called Kinetic.uk.....or something like that....
just found this....
here's another....sexy or what.....?????????
twist and cut? I'm sure something like that could be cast or machined, but it would be cheaper just to heat the bar stock and twist it.

Expensive twist, though!

Hopefully, they're hardening the faces.

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