Driveway gates

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Excellent work, thanks for sharing!
Incidentally, how did you set those posts in the ground, considering the load
they have to bear.
SOmeone on the other side asked how the gates were getting on so I thought I would post an update.

A bit of a wet day but just been out to take a few photo's



absolutely no sagging of the gates or movement on the posts the only issue which does not concern me too much is that the auto closers needed to be place high up to so as to go above the brickwork on the left. As a result the pressure of the closers have placed the gates in twist, however the twist is even on both gates with the outer stiles remaining perfectly in line (ideally i would have liked the closers as close to the ground as possible so they force against the gate stop on a level line)

The boarding has expanded but not too much as to cause any effect (the mortice and tenons were both glued/weded with cascamite and dowelled with 20mm dowels as well)

The fencing is now done and additionally i have made a pedestrian gate to complement the main gates with a wooden suffolk latch which to address any swelling issues I utilised skateboard bearings (22mm OD) on all moving parts, again no issues

a few further pics