Stairs refurb build notes

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Woody Alan

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30 Mar 2005
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Norfolk UK
So some of the bits I learned. First time using PU glue in a tube. Brilliant for quick fix but need to keep pressure on whilst setting. Good gap filling when setting new newel posts. getting mitres on the cladding to meet all in one go I never saw as an option especially as I had to pack out a bit to get perfect so glued one bit at a time. I think visually the larger base newel with the plate I made to transition to new newel worked. I'd be interested in other views (constructive :cool: ). The way I did it allowed the less than accurate original lining up of the newels to be corrected very slightly and the second newel on the turn is offset slightly to give hand clearance to the wall but still aligning with riser base plate and bottom post, using the offset packers to acheive small change. Cutting the angles on the top rail to meet is very stressful to get pefect join no gaps the old rail being a useful template test fit first. The original stairs at the top had a horrible return to the wall with rail and spindle which was adecorating nightmare and there was no need as less than 100mm gap to meet regs so don't be afraid to question change of design to suit if fit for purpose.

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