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28 Sep 2022
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I've been looking at a dovetail jig to use with my router, and like a lot of folks cash is at a premium.
I've been looking at the Lumberjack DTJ300, which, if it's supplied with the correct size cutter doesn't seem too bad.
Anyone used one or suggest something similar?
I coulkd really do without spending £100 plus as it won't be used every week.
I have an axminster dovetail jig which I purchased, tried out once on some scrap to see how it worked, and have never used since...
It is this Axcaliber Dovetail Jig Link

Happy to sell for £50 plus postage if you are interested. No worries if not.

Separately - the lumberjack one looks effectively identical to the axminster one I have! The axi one is solid to be fair. The design takes a little while to get set up right but once its dialled in, it works great.
I have a dovetail jig that my late father bought, and put in his shed.

I emptied his shed and it’s now in my garage.

I don’t believe it was ever used!

Had some rust spots but I cleaned it up some, it’s 300mm, comes with various template sizes and a cutter.

Happy to take offers on it, collection from Calderdale preferred but could post.


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I bought one of the earliest Leigh jigs in the 80's, imported it myself. I have never used it.
I also bought a Leigh jig from a forum member but have hardly used it. Unless you are doing lots of production run type jobs, I find it not much more effort to do it by hand. Less noise and mess
Going by how many want to unload dt jigs, hardly or never used, that may be telling you something. Not saying there is anything wrong with them and if you are going to be pumping out production line numbers of dovetailed items then you need one but most of us back yard woodies likely only do a few now and then. The serene tap tap of mallet on chisel or ear shattering scream of router. Decisions.
I'm also in the bought one sold one camp. I don't do many dovetails but when I do I don't want them to look machine made and I quite enjoy the process by hand.
TBH I, ,on reflection, probably don't need a dovetail jig. I certainly won't be cutting them by hand, arthritis and being traumatised as a 13 year old being made to cut them in woodwork class has put me right off.
I only need to join boards at a maximum of 5 inches, and I reckon a rebated butt joint would do nicely.
I could probably do it with a router and rebate bit but a router table would be easier and offer other possibilities for machining grooves etc.
Thanks for all your advice.