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29 Oct 2020
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Langhe, Piemonte
I'm considering buying a small, 6mm, dovetail chisel. I still have my first chisels, a set of Marples splitproof but all my other chisels are Japanese apart from one which is LN. The Japanese in my experience hold an edge much longer, but getting one with the current Covid restrictions at Japanpost is virtually impossible.
I have no experience of other European brands but the choice seems to be between Narex and Ashley Isles.
Any suggestions welcome.
I have both Ashley Iles and Narex BE chisels but only a single Ashley Iles Dovetail chisel.
For me the Ashley Iles is a cut above the Narex in almost every way.
Quality of edge is far better, easier and quicker to achieve on the Ashley Iles .
Nothing wrong with the Narex but not as refined or as a good a quality as the Ashley Iles IMHO.

Just to be clear, I’m talking about and comparing the Narex Cabinetmakers chisels and not the Narex Richter of which I have no experience .
I have a pair of 7/16 Ashley Isles skew chisels and don't know how I'd cut dovetails (particularly half blinds) without them. They hold an edge very well.

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