Does anyone know what this is used for?

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5 Feb 2017
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Does anyone know what this is?

I think its some form of clamp for a strap, but i can't seem to find any sort of links or pages on the internet, not sure i'm looking in the right direction. It's about 6cm long



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AndyT":349aify8 said:
They certainly didn't invent it. It's a copy of a Stanley design, the number 96, which they patented in 1888.
Still, like Patrick Leach says here

it does look like a pointless gizmo - you could just use a chisel.

I guess it depends on your chisel skills, I think I'd struggle to get a nice sliver like that with uniform depth - but more to the point - where would you need to do invisible nailing??

I think they must think that people using a close matched filler on fitted unpainted skirting will have people on thier knees saying "nope that not a good colour match".
Maybe if you make your own kitchen cabinets or some other built in you might want to hide a few brads at eye level. I was at a friends party once and a few ladies were raving about the kitchen he built. I noticed a few puttied brad nail holes and said "Not bad for a guy that uses nails." The women were shocked and gasped at what I said. He busted a gut laughing for a long time and would bring it up years later. You never know who will be looking. ;)


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