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4 Mar 2016
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does it djent? I'm looking for a decent gents saw, ideally very fine tooth that's good for both cross and rip cuts, there are times when my dovetail saw is simply too thick and not easy to get the kind of clean line I'm after, also want to be able to cut minute dovetails for very small trays and miniature work, open to suggestions, either new or traditional.
Crown Tools offer a choice, at 25 or 17 tpi. I've got one but I'm not sure which one (not in the workshop at the moment to check). Probably the 6" 17tpi.

It's too fine for anything on an ordinary scale, with very little set, but is probably what you need.
I have one of the crown saws mentioned by AndyT/ I find there is too little set and it is more difficult to use than a fine dovetail saw. For most of my fine work I now use a fine japaneze dozuki. lovely clean cut and better than the gents saw for me but a lot down to personal preference
Thanks Hornbeam for saying what I meant to say about the Crown saw but failed to write! It jams in anything bigger than miniature work and I have barely used it.

Also, I've remembered that Paul Sellers has recommended a Zona Razor saw. I've not used one but they might be worth a look.