Dimmer switch for LED bulbs?


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28 Aug 2016
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A quick electrical question for you knowledgeable people out there.

I have just replaced the three traditional 40w bulbs in a light fitting with three 4w LED bulbs. The light fitting containing the LED bulbs is operated by a dimmer switch, the LED bulbs said they were dimmable but they keep flickering.

The dimmer is a triple one and the other two light fittings are still traditional bulbs. The dimmer is (I think) an MK grid system, can I just swap out the switch that does the now LED bulbs for one that is suitable? If so what do I need?

dimmer switch.jpg

Over time the other fittings will be changed to LED bulbs so am I best just swapping them now and getting a different dimmer as I have never liked the look of this one (seem to remember it was quite expensive though)?

I guess the other cheaper option is to just replace the whole dimmer switch with a normal triple switch as the dimmer feature is hardly ever used?

Any advice appreciated.

Thanks, Doug
Had a similar issue and used a single version of this.
https://www.tlc-direct.co.uk/Produc...L2csFbB2ngIAMy7rn2Sx-5c_wifiuNGxoC8JAQAvD_BwEIssue with LED lights is the high start up currents, much higher than incandescent/halogen, but running is negligible and why your existing dimmer switch causes the flicker as it struggles to detect the load, the one I’ve linked to and the Hager (look great) AJB posted, are ‘intelligent’ and what you need.

You could also try fitting a single ‘traditional’ back and the flickering would probably stop, but not the idea I know:)

Cheers Pete
You could also try fitting a single ‘traditional’ back and the flickering would probably stop, but not the idea I know:)

Cheers Pete

Thank you, that has worked as a short term fix, will probably end up being quite a long short term fix 😂
You need what's called a trailing edge dimmer, if you are buying from B&Q etc. it should be in the description on the packaging or go to an electrical wholesaler and just ask them for one. They come in all shades and sizes. Quick tip, don't buy one that is too big for the job i.e. if you have 60W of LEDs but a 100w dimmer not a 200w dimmer, they work better at near full capacity.