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5 Nov 2013
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I recently bought a DeWalt 745 to replace my old Startrite (a retrograde step but unavoidable bearing in mind my changed circumstances). One feature I don't like is the size and position of the switch, being used to having a large 'off ' switch which I could operate with my knee. Warranty issues aside, I was wondering if anyone could suggest an aftermarket switch or a modification to make the machine safer.
can't help with the switch but how you finding the Dewalt ? I'm still in two minds between that and an axi :/
So far I'd go along with the positive reviews I read. I like the fact that I can rip up to 24" to the right of the blade. I like the rack and pinion mechanism for the fence. It's easy to move around and doesn't take up room when not in use (even with the stand). The brush motor screams like a jet about to take off rather than the unobtrusive drone of an induction motor. I'll replace the blade sometime and make a cross-cut box for it. I haven't used it much yet so these are just my initial, and probably not very useful impressions.
I don't know anything about the Axminster. Is it similar?
I've had mine for a couple of years now, and love it, it can make a job very easy and quick, its fairly light and very easy to set the size of cut. And yes I too would like a bigger stop switch.
Bigbud78":tdhoubre said:
can't help with the switch but how you finding the Dewalt ? I'm still in two minds between that and an axi :/

Had a few cuts with a friends 745. Its really well built, fence is great. But too loud ( as expected its a "naked" saw ) and no sliding table.
I have the DeWalt 745 and agree about the noise. I also didn't like the start/stop buttons which were too far under the table for my liking so I made a small mod to it which I find is a lot easier.
Apart from the noise I think the saw is excellent value for the money.
I used to have I knee switch on mine, but I broke it when transporting the saw. I miss it enormously and it's on my TUIT list.

The details are on WE8 but essentially it consists of a piece of MDF hinged at the bottom of the front of the saw At the TR corner is a red hand. It was a sort of joke..., But this piece covers the stop switch, so that when I kick the MDF, the red hand hits the stop switch. It worked superbly and, as I say, I miss it.

I thought I must have a picture of it, but I can't find one. I'll see if I can get round to replacing it soon. If I do, I'll post a pic.
Thank's Steve that's very helpful. Thanks also Powertools. I was told by someone at DeWalt, that not turning the saw off with the stop button on the machine, the re-set button would trip. It's not the case so your floor switch would be an good solution..... the ideal solution would be for DeWalt to build it with a decent switch.