Customer service - Twice.

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22 Mar 2017
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South Yorkshire
Along with (yet another) workshop move around, I've recently been making an enclosure for my CNC. Which means the CNC has been moved a few times. When I came to put it in the enclosure about a fortnight ago, I found the z-axis limit switches weren't working. On inspection I'd damaged the bottom one and looks like i've killed the wires connecting them both.
I pinged a message to Sainsmart about buying replacements for the 4030prover XL, and they replied saying 2 were in the post and thank you very much. I did tell them it was my fault and they didn't worry about it.

As you may have seen i bought the Bambu X1c in June and whilst it has printed (almost) flawlessly, the LCD screen is often very slow to react and then totally freezes. Now this wasn't too much bother, but i decided last week to enquire what could be done about it while uits under warranty. After a few comments over emails / support tickets I received a new shiny LCD screen. Fitted it last night and it works much faster and has of yet not frozen. Again another bit of brilliant customer service .

I woudl be pretty quick to post when i get poor customer service, so it's pleasant to post some positive experience now.