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For Sale Dewalt DW125 Radial arm saw / Axminster AW106PT Planer Thicknesser


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10 Nov 2017
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Dewalt DW125 Radial Arm Saw -

I had a bit of a hurried (deadlined) attempt to sell this some time back, and then it got forgotten when I had more time, but im getting around to things again, so here goes -

DW125 (which, so far as I've ever been able to tell, is the same as the 1251)

Nice condition (aside from the cosmetic spatter that is evident in the photo!). Still with the guards etc. I can not currently locate the little anti-kick back finger things (supposed to be a safety thing when ripping) - im not sure i ever used them, and virtually all saws you see for sale also have them removed, but its irritating as i do (did) have them somewhere. The only other known fault is power cable has a little metal stand thing that fits into a hole in the plastic, and the hole is worn so the stand thing falls out. This is so minor, but i mention it for completeness.


Price is GBP 140, which i think is probably fair.

I'm trying to generate space more than anything else. They are nice saws. The 300tdi coolant hose will be free! : ) It couples the strange shaped dewalt dust port to a henry (etc) nicely.

I am in Devon, about 20-25mins easy drive (white lines down the middle of the road the whole way) from J27 of the M5. I think there's probably only about 5 junctions between the motorway and our home.

Axminster AW106PT Planer Thicknesser -

I'm also going to be selling my Axminster AW106PT but ive not got photos of that (yet).

That all works as it should. The (round) plastic bezel on one of the start / stop buttons is cracked, and the paint work is chipped etc. but we are talking cosmetics.

The blades will, undoubtedly, be chipped / blunt, but fresh sets are not big money. Ive got a few (probably) sets of old blades, but have found it cheaper to buy fresh blades than to get them re-ground anyway. Any buyer would be welcome to all that i have.

...and, yes, i still have not finished the Wadkin BAO/S, but, again, i have desires of more space.

I think a price of GBP 490 is realistic.

Thank you.
These have not yet sold. Ill knock a tenner off each, and bump the thread at the same time!

These have not yet sold. Ill knock a tenner off each, and bump the thread at the same time!

Hello Julianf
My 125 seems to have packed up! I'm interested in yours if you still have it. I have a thread asking for suggestions about mine, but I fear the worst.
Apologies for not seeing this before - the original post is from 2022, and its 2024 now.

But my "skill" at getting around to selling things properly is limited - i generally just bury them under a pile of cardboard boxes, and forget about them!

So, strangely, both are actually still here. Im not convinced i would honor the original price on the planer. We have seen absolutely crazy inflation (the router that i bought in 2022 new, at tool station, is 50% more expensive now than it was 2 years ago!) but if you want the 125 then its not like ill milk you that bad for it!
Can we have photos of the planer please.

Please see below.

The cosmetics are not good. Its got a good few chips in the powdercoat that are causing bubbling. There is staining on the table, but, as you can see in the second photo, the original making marks are still visible on the cast, so its not like its been sanded shiny ever week.

The bezel on one of the buttons is missing, and there is scraping to the thicknesser height gauge.

There are various chips, scrapes, and rust all over. Its very much a "used" machine, rather than an "arguing about sharpening technique" machine.

Its on casters, and 240v 1ph.

My plan was always to fit a fresh set of blades for the buyer, and give them a go on it before taking any cash.

My reason for selling -

I always wanted a wadkin bao/s for the wider table. I got a "challenged" wadkin, and a big drum sander, by chance, within a month of each other. The drum sander is 635mm wide, and i (ab)use it as a thicknesser, as the work i do is figured / resin work etc and its way less dangerous to normalise a final part on the drum sander than on a thicknesser. Ive not even finished up the wadkin, but just dont seem to use the planers any more. I buy rough sawn, and run it though the drum sander instead.

Anyway, photos -

ps. i do this kind of stuff, and the drum sander is way more suited -

(most of my job is metal work, not wood)