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21 Mar 2017
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My daughter wanted to make a storage box for all her jewellery to keep it all together at university. She had no real woodworking experience so this was going to be a bit ambitious
During this project I have supervised her use of the table saw and router table and shown her how to use all hand tools and jigs (shooting boards etc)
The final box measures 400mm X 400mm X 100mm deep with storage for earring, bracelets/bangles and necklaces
It is constructed from ash with birch play panels and walnut details

The box and the 2 doors are effectively trays with mitred corners strengthened with splines. The birch panels are fitted into simple rebates
The 2 doors were fitted using butterfly hinges as I thought butt hinges would be too difficult. I actually found these much harder to use than butt hinges due to alignment issues

The trays in the doors are a birch ply sheet with most of the centre removed. The ribbons are stretched across and held in place with double sided sticky. Walnut frame is mitred at the corners and grooved to be a very tight fit over the ribbons so everything is held in place. The Walnut edging is not glued but held in place with brass pins in drilled holes. Pins can be pushed out from teh back to replace ribbons in teh future. earrings can easily be clipped to the ribbons. Trays are held in place with magnets and steel pins (pins from a bike chain which are a very tight fit in a 3.5mm hole

Rails for necklaces bangles and bracelets fitted into walnut discs cut with a hole saw and then cleaned up. The disc have a slot cut out facing upwards so the rails can be removed to access things

Doors are fitted with magnetic catches.
Finish is acrylic for the ash and birch. Danish oil for the walnut
For a first attempt she has done well over 90% and learnt all sorts of skills (well the beginnings of). She is chuffed to bits with the result
I have learn a bit of patience. We often forget how slow things are at first and while I am happy to escape to a workshop for half a day for someone starting out an hour is plenty


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Nice one! And extra marks for teaching your daughter what she's capable of.