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I hope im not opening a can of worms by posting this but here goes. I was always under the impression that dados where not to be used in this country but the other day i was watching the great british woodshop ( it was the episode where he built the sun lounger) and was surprised to see that David Free who is the presenter was using a stacked dado cutter on his table saw and on the programme he said that he had checked with all the relevant goverment organisations about dados and the reply he got was that it is ok to use dados aslong as the saw can accept one and that one is used safely. I was always under the impression that dados in this country are illegal for various reasons so what i would like to know is everyone aware of this or are people still under the impression that they shouldn't be used. I myself can't see a problem with it aslong as the safety aspects are followed closely and also why are some people strictly against them and others not. I know that this topic has been done to death but like i say i was surprised to see one been used on a british woodworking show.


Not a can of worms but a dirty great super tankerful! Just do a quick search in this forum for dados and you will still be reading them next Christmas.
waterhead37":2ljtvki0 said:

Not a can of worms but a dirty great super tankerful! Just do a quick search in this forum for dados and you will still be reading them next Christmas.

What is your view and did you know that they can be used?

Derek, funnily enough, we just did this just last week. You might enjoy this blast from the past too, which includes this link to the reasoning behind it all from the man himself. Suffice it to say the regulars on the forum are pretty well au fait with all aspects of dado head use as it pertains to the UK... :roll: :wink:

Cheers, Alf
cheers for that Alf it is much clearer now i now understand how dados fit into the woodworking industry and where we stand on the use of dados in the home workshop very informative especially the last link i would recommend anyone that is unsure on the use of stacked dado cutters to read the last link in Alf's post above.

As someone who regularly uses a dado from the safety of his own workshop I can confirm that they are very useful. Obviously safety is paramount, and it is simple to construct and use home made guards to ensure safe use. The dado head is no more dangerous than any other power tool-you must use common sense and adequate guarding, thats all.
If your table saw can safely use a dado do not be afraid to use one-they are a superb addition to your workshop.
safety first
Philly :D
Alf":2wn5r3e3 said:
Noel":2wn5r3e3 said:

John, we had a whole thread on it. What d'you want; somebody asking about it every week...? :roll: :wink:

Cheers, Alf

Alf, you've quoted Noel but named me, not sure who your reply is addressed to

If it's me, then no, I don't want people asking about it every week. In fact, if no-one was ever again to ask about dados that that would be just fine with me

what's your view on the subject? :whistle: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
I love this subject.So much so that I have gone and bought a new (to me)rigid saw.It is an American import.It not only takes the dado but also.........wait for it a moulding head which allows the table saw to mimic a spindle moulder.Deep joy.It arrives next week and I can't wait.If it all goes wrong I can only say..Philly made me do it.
Harry give me some info on where you got it from as i am wanting to replace my calrke saw.

As I usually do, John, I was responding to two posts in one reply. Viz: first to Noel directly below his quote. In prefixing the second remark with your name I thought it was fairly clear it was intended for you. However... :roll:

Cheers, Alf
The one I have bought is a rigid ts2400ls table saw.It is a 10" 110volt machine on a wheeled thingy so you can take it to where you work.They have an e-mail address for enquiries in the uk. [email protected] I bought mine off e-bay.It arrives on Wednesday.Now I have to source a transformer before play commences.
Ok any saw used improperly is going to reduce your finger count! a dado is no more dangerous than a single blade when used properly and we in this country are begining to see that the dado blade has it's uses in many British workshops... :)

The only one stipulation I would say is the saw should be sturdy and of good quality as a full set of dado blades weighs a fair bit!... :roll:

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