Cross cutting on bandsaaw

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Jamie Copeland

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4 Jan 2015
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Hi folks

How do you all safely cross cut logs on a bandsaw?

I've watched someone put a piece of wood underneath which had a V cut out the middle to give the log support and to stop it spinning.

Are these things available to buy or are they all handmade?
Cutting anything round on the bandsaw is risky, in the sense that any round stock is much more liable to move when you don't want it to, compared with proper flat wood, as it were. So support is vital. I don't know which particular video you have watched, so I can't comment on the specifics, but Yes, in principle a V-support of some kind is a good way to do it. Of course there has to be enough support behind so that you don't cut right through the support, but a plywood base with a nice big V screwed to the front of it would be a good accessory to build for your saw. I doubt that you'd find one to buy!
You have bandsaw, make your own, why spend money for the sake of it.

Sometimes a better option is to screw a flat batten to the end of the log.


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BTW, if you have never done it before, don't underestimate the forces on a log when you are making this cut. It's OK right at the beginning, and end, and right in the middle, but in between those points, say 1/4 and 3/4, you have a lot of resistance and you are quite a long way from the centre of gravity of the log, so that is when it is most likely to snatch.

But if you support it properly, you will be fine. You can't have too much support.